Other Fun Stuff

Timeless classic, just smack those moles as fast as you can!

Ready to golf? We’ll set up a putting green for your party! Contact us for more information.

A photo booth is tons of fun as people mingle, and is a great way to capture the fun. Guests get a photo on the spot, and you’ll get a DVD with all of the pictures after the event. Contact us for more information.

The Nintendo Wii brings all ages together for fun. We will deliver the console, a TV and many games for everyone!

This is another fun basketball game!

An electronic dartboard adds fun to any event or game room.  Our electronic dartboards feature plastic tipped darts so they are much safer than traditional dartboards, and they keep score for you.  Pick from your favorite dart games and challenge your friends!  If you’re interested in purchasing or need more specific information, ask us!

The cornhole is- wait, are you giggling? Forget it.

Press start and see how long you can hold on! This machine uses high frequency vibration to simulate an electric shock. It’ll leave your hands tingling! The organ music builds to a crescendo as the power reaches maximum! Two can play if each holds one handle and the two hold hands. Game ends if you let go!

Full Court FeverThis basketball game uses 7” miniature basketballs and has a moving hoop so each shot is different. Go for the three pointers as time expires!





– 30″W x 127″L x 108″H // Power 120v AC, 5amps

A CD Jukebox is a fun addition to any party, and we have a a few different models in stock.  If you’re interested in purchasing or need more specific information, ask us!

A timeless classic, Skee Ball is a true test of skill so go for one hundred points!